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BROWNtech's Document Management & Imaging System is designed to address the needs of Registries of Deeds, County Clerk Offices, and office environments responsible for receiving and indexing Land records, Court/Judgements, UCCs, Vital records, Passports, Licenses, Notaries, etc. The systems include all the functions needed to receive & cashier documents, assign relevant numbers, imprint these on the document or use bar codes, index, proof, scan, view, and fax them. Reports generated by the system are designed to increase the productivity of your staff and provide accurate, concise information to the public. It includes Internet and dial-in access, complete with billing and receivables. Whether you are looking to improve your productivity, data availability, data integrity, hardware reliability or simply to reduce your cost of doing business, BROWNtech has the solution.

Extensive Search Capabilities -
Extremely high hit rate due to our “intelligent ” database, punctuation inconsistencies are eliminated (ABC, A.B.C., or A B C ) all combinations are found regardless of how they were indexed. Search by name, book-page, document #, property address, certification #, and more. Optional “wildcards ” (‘?’ and ‘*’) can be substituted for unknown character(s), for example “Johns?n” or “Temple*”.

PC Network WIN 95/NT/2000 -
Our most common configuration includes an IBM database and application server running BROWN
tech’s application which is connected to, and communicating with, a PC WinNT/2000 network running office applications such as MSWord, Excel, email, etc.

Imaging and Faxing -
The imaging module is tightly integrated with all system operations; it is not a stand-alone system. Document images can be accessed for viewing, printing and faxing. View images side-by-side with index details. Print books and generate microfilm from scanned documents. Users can request faxes of documents and/or index listings any time of day or night from within the public inquiry programs. The system allows the user to indicate which pages they want, then automatically retrieves their fax number and sends the fax.

User Friendly -
Users can customize the system to meet the specific needs of each department. The staff can add/change document codes, fee rates, town codes, customer profiles, book codes, etc. “Variable prompts” improve data entry and public search accuracy by allowing the staff to assign descriptions to fields that can change according to document type.

Integrated Remote Access -
Generate revenues by automatically tracking & billing remote users such as title examiners, attorneys and realtors. The system permits restricted access to registered users, but only after passing rigid security and credit checks. Access is provided through standard communications software or through the Internet via a web browser. Users can view, print and/or fax images and research listings. An integrated accounts receivable system captures all billing and generates invoices.

Data Integrity and Audit Controls -
A Grantor / Grantee spell check function minimizes spelling errors. Automatic retrieval of Defendant & Plaintiff names. An audit trail tracks all changes made to critical data items for a document. Each audit record shows the initial value entered, what change was made, the date, time and person who made the change. Extensive copy and dupe key options help to reduce data entry errors and improve productivity.

Document Recording -
The system can automatically assign and imprint each document with information such as the book, page, reference number, instrument number, recording date and time. This reduces errors and eliminates the need to manually hand stamp the documents. It also eliminates the need for Registry staff to key this information thus making your staff more productive. Bar codes and cover sheets can also be used as an alternative to imprinting each document.


Reliability -
A Gartner Group study (Data: InformationWeek, May 18, 1998) showed the AS/400 server as experiencing an average outage of only 5.24 hours per year. This compared to 89.98 hours for Windows NT systems in the same study.

Scalability -
AS/400 models range from the entry level systems, designed for small recording offices filing less than 10,000 documents per year, to large corporate systems with the processing power to handle millions of documents per year.

Connectivity and OPEN design -
The IBM AS/400 offers a wide range of platform portability. The AS/400 also complies with industry standards such as SQL for databases, TCP/IP for open network and Internet connectivity, and standard TIFF image formats for easy optical conversions. Any Windows supported device, such as printers, scanners, modems, image capable workstations and fax systems are supported by the AS/400.

Security -
AS/400 security is built to meet rigid Department of Defense standards (C-2). If your plans include e-commerce and/or Internet access to your records, the AS/400 has the security features to meet your needs.


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